If you actually give a shit about America call your congressmen and tell them to quit spending our money on corporate bailouts, quit funding terrorists, end the drug war, bring the troops home, defend and rebuild America and finally restore our civil liberties that have been taken away by the war on terror patriot acts 1 and 2.

Our government has been *legally hijacked by corporations and foreign interest groups namely Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is up to us to check their power. There needs to be accountability (this accountability is what Kaepernick guy is asking for with the rouge police state).

Congress has no ‘skin in the game.’ Before the warrior class made military decisions, not politicians and business owners. Genghis Khan and NapolĂ©on were on the front lines of battle. These corporate shrills in DC hide under a desk while America’s bravest act as the private security firm for big oil overseas.

Permanent State is dedicated to the steady state deep state government apparatus that churns under DC’s already trashy glint.

The Permanent State Platform:

  1. Quit funding terrorism
  2. End War on Terror
  3. End War on Drugs
  4. End ALL for profit wars
  5. Bring the troops home to defend and rebuild America’s infrastructure
  6. End corporate welfare state
  7. Get money out of politics
  8. Restore American liberties taken away by Patriot Acts 1 and 2
  9. Restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  10. End private for profit prisons
  11. Oversight committees for law enforcement accountability